Autism and loud environments

This weekend I went out with the same group of friends on both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was in a quiet bar and Saturday was a Christmas party we’d been invited to. Naturally I spent part of the time analysing the sociology of the nights, as well as drinking good beer and having

Autism and gigs

I like live music. I used to do music photography all the time. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph quite a few big names too. It’s a pretty fantastic thing to be able to do. You’re right at the front and someone you enjoy is playing music while you photograph them. You’re in the moment.

OCD or autism?

In Spring of 2017 I decided to switch camera systems from Nikon to Fuji. I had been toying with Fuji for some years and absolutely loved my X100s 35mm fixed lens camera. But I wasn’t 100% sure about switching systems. I had a few lenses and a XT1 and a XPro 1 and they were

An autistic photographer

I was diagnosed as autistic in the summer of 2018. I’m 41 as I write this and maybe half way through my life so I use the diagnosis to analyse where I’ve been and where I’m going. Where have I been? I’ve been to computer world for a large portition of my life. I was

Think Different

Imagine spending your entire life, nearly 40 years of it, feeling like you don’t fit in and that you’re not exactly “normal”. You spend your life looking at the world believing it to be right and you to be wrong. But what if you find a reason for that feeling? What if you’re not wrong