World Photo Day 2005


On a rainy day walking back to my car I spot a lone girl cleaning up in the ice cream stand on the beach. Its raining heavily, theres no-one at the beach and yet shes there and the stall is open. I asked for a photo for World Photo Day as I felt it summed up the idea perfectly. People in the real world. It was a totally random meeting, but perfect timing.

To the girl who this lovely smile belongs to, if you want a copy of the shot I can easily get one printed for you.

The creator of World Photo Day 2005 said this about my shot;

Drew Rossman: “How beautiful are both she and your photo. You have captured the essense of WPD2005 my friend.”

Its things like this that make life worth living.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

4 thoughts on “World Photo Day 2005”

  1. Cracking picture Pete (and a lovely looking girl too!!). You’re quite clearly a talented photographer and an inspiration to a wannabe just like myself!!

  2. It’s a lovely photo, a great way to remember my days working on the beach. Nice to have met you Pete :)

  3. The picture is fantastic. You saw something in her that I have been seeing for years now. I always thought she would look good in black and white. Thank you for transending the oceans and giving me a little piece of a friend of mine who lives so far away.

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