I loved the expressions, the sense of wonder and the way the fairy lights added to the magical atmosphere of the day. I didn’t like the two signs in the photo. One for no smoking and the other as a general restaruant sign. They really spoilt the shot so I took them out. Now again I’m not really happy doing that. It *is* a better photo but in order to make it natural I had to copy some of the building reflection and put that in. I think thats a step too far. It might be an accurate depiction of the reflection, it might not. The simple fact is that I made the photo by moving things around and putting them where they didn’t belong. Not really comfortable doing that. I’ve told others not to. Don’t go adding fireworks into photos that weren’t there to start with. Theres a line between photographing what you saw and using Photoshop to make what you wanted happen. My justification is that it would look like this *if* the signs were taken down. So its not like I added a flying Delorean. Pretty thin ground though.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

10 thoughts on “Wongs”

  1. I don’t think the photoshop work you did to this image went to far because you didn’t add anything that wasn’t there all you relay did was take out distractions that would pull the viewers eye away from the main subject. Great job.

  2. I echo what Daniel says. Sample principal behind vignetting stuff I guess :) Great shot, great people and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, best shot from CNY I’ve seen so far, shows Liverpool enjoying a foreign event, something which happens a lot here and something you captured well.

  3. Well, the signs could have been removed from the window the day before you took this picture… The removing of the signs is only cosmetic without altering the message of wonder and enjoyment this photo conveys. Why not have a link to the photo with the signs in the caption, to satisfy the purists?

  4. Hear hear! Good to see that I’m not the only one who is not a big fan of turning a photograph in to a picture via photoshop. I agree though, the photo is lovely and the removal of the signs does not change its meaning.

  5. Photo manipulation is so easy nowadays, people use it to remove & add things pointlessly to their photo’s. When used correctly and for justified reasons i really don’t have a problem with it though. Having seen the original of this, i can safely say the photo works so much better without the signs. Considering how unplanned street candids are, we should be thankful we can sort these kind of niggles in post processing. Great photo pete :)

  6. The “ethical debate” of trying to draw the line between graphic design and strict photography would date back to the ancient Greeks, had Photoshop and digital photography been around at the time. And it probably would have sparked wars for centuries as well.

    In short — great photo, don’t worry to much about it Pete.

  7. I think we have a similar philosophy about photoshop…but I think what you did here is quite acceptable. Nice job…it is a wonderful image.

  8. well I’m agree with your thought about photoshop… but this work is not really looks like that… this is a perfect photography indeed… & sometimes removing some sign is necessary for a good job ;) I like this image :)

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