Wirral Egg Run

Sunday was the Wirral Egg Run. From what I’ve heard its the largest in the world and people travel from all over Europe to join in. It certainly was popular. I think there was every kind of bike possible there. Although I didn’t see Street Hawk. Some of the bikes came very close when I was shooting at 10mm, which was a little scary but well worth getting the shots. After a while the police stepped in and told people not to put their arms out due to health and safety. I came away from the day with one lasting feeling. I’ve been feeling it for a while, since watching The Long Way Round. There is something about the freedom you seem to get from a bike. You, bike, wheels, road, camera. Food for thought. Oh and Vespas are really cool due to FLCL but I’m not animated or Italian enough to pull it off.

This was also my first time using my 10D in force since getting the 30D. My god its slow. It takes 9 shots then you have to wait for the buffer to empty. Very annoying. I’m going to miss the 30D while it’s in the shop. Oh and yesterday was April Fools day hence the D200. I’m crazy not insane.