Wintery weather on Wirral

Its cold and icey out, but its also insanely beautiful out.

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  1. AllotmentMate Avatar

    @petemc Love it, I was out & about this morning ad saw some great views, but no camera on me πŸ™

  2. Beautiful wintershot!! I love the frozen landscape!!

  3. Muy bueno el lugar que sensacion fria y al mismo tiempo agradable

  4. Gorgeous – those icy white trees all over the UK at the moment are stunning. I need to start taking my SLR on my daily commute.. πŸ™‚

  5. DevereuxProp Avatar

    RT @petemc: Photoblogged: Wintery weather on Wirral… #wirral #photography

  6. It looks cold πŸ˜‰ Nice shot.

  7. What a scene. I love all those icy branches.

  8. Great panoramic shot. I like how the sky and landscape kind of blend at the horizon.