Wedding at St Lukes

A few weeks ago there was a wedding at St Lukes. Now a wedding at a church isn’t unusual but St Lukes was bombed in WW2 and has no roof. It hasn’t held a wedding service since WW2 so its great to see it being used in this fashion.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

5 thoughts on “Wedding at St Lukes”

  1. Has tomado un pedazo de historia para que podamos ver, he he estado alli es realmente hermoso el lugar

  2. What a lovely place St Lukes must be to get married.

    My wife to be has said she would like to get married there but we will probably not be living in Liverpool by that time.

    Still a great venue.

  3. Love this photo. Such a great story behind it too. I would love to get married in a place like his. Definitely one of a kind

  4. I just came across this link,it was my wedding!I can’t believe the publicity it got,it’s amazing!thank you for your lovely comments,it really was a fun place to wed.

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