A vendor at the Xmas Market in Liverpool.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

9 thoughts on “Vendor”

  1. Superb portrait… especially the lighting. I must say I prefer your B&W style to the colour HDR style (just a personal preference). PS would be good to see the EXIF info…

  2. Nice conversion. Feel like I kind of missed out on the Christmas markets in Manchester. Went to shoot them, but got called away by an emergency at work before I could even start! Anyway, nice work!

  3. i really like the lighting and the b/w conversion of this pic. it really brings out the mood. great job!

  4. Fantastic; the steam really adds sense of atmosphere – you can almost feel the cold. I like the way the girl is isolated by the surrounding black, with the customers mysterious and only partly seen at the edge of the light.

  5. An amazing collection of images and a well deserved winner of the “Best European Photoblog 2008 Award” by coolphotoblogs


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