Under the Mersey

Under the Mersey

Yesterday I went for a walk, through the Birkenhead tunnel. Thankfully they decided to stop traffic so it was safe. It was really interesting though. They had signs up so you knew when you were under the Mersey and where you were in town. The weirdest thing though was that we were stalked by a marching band. The acoustics were great and even when the band were about half a mile away I could barely hear my sister talking to me. It was also surprisingly warm in there. Whenever I drive through I can instantly feel the temperature drop and so I was expecting to be cold. 5 minutes in and I had to take my coat off. Pretty interesting afternoon all in all, and the band followed us back across on the ferry too. Our own personal band for the day.


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5 thoughts on “Under the Mersey”

  1. Hello Pete,
    I have been enjoying your city of culture pictures (was the tunnel opening part of the celebration?). The boats make terrific pictures and the HDR have super impact. Importantly I am getting a real feeling for your vibrant city, which I have only visited once.
    This morning on Breakfast TV was an article about the banana lambs – will there be any pictures of these funny hybrid creatures?
    Great site, an inspiration

  2. Hi Eric. I do have some shots of the Superlambananas and I will be showing them at some point.

  3. Superb. Love the composition on this and the simple concept of allowing you to walk the tunnel.

    A slight aside – The copyright notice in the RSS feed still says 2007.


  4. Super shot of the tunnel. That is a walk I would have loved to have made (maybe not now but when I was younger and fitter)

  5. Great image, Pete – and even richer for your generous commentary. I’m so happy to have discovered your work (thanks to VFXY) I love tunnels and waves and humanity – oh, my. And you have some fabulous imagery going on. Walk in joyous light…

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