This is Liverpool One

This is Liverpool One

In September this will open and Liverpool One will be complete. I took this from on top of the new Hilton hotel. Lovely view from up there. Rent a room when it opens. I realise this might be a little too ott for some people, processing wise. I was up till 3am throwing everything at the image trying to lessen the dark clouds. The simple fact was that the noise was insane. So I gave up. I did try cloning the good sky over the bad but I decided that it was a step too far. I wouldn’t be able to say that the sky was like that because it wouldn’t have been. Anyway, this is Liverpool One.

In other news a few months ago I worked with a student film maker from Cardiff to produce a short video on Liverpool. It was scary. Me on film, well that can’t be good. But I had fun. It was a really enjoyable few days. You can watch the video on YouTube. You can see footage of the exhibition too. Thanks and congrats to Emma for a great video. Also I’ve found that my ‘Port of Culture’ book is currently listed on Amazon. So if you saw the preview at the exhibition and wanted to buy a copy watch that link.


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2 thoughts on “This is Liverpool One”

  1. Liverpool One looks a lot better than I feared it might. It’ll be interesting to see in the flesh when we move to Liverpool in August.

    The video was interesting too, and very polished. You came across well on it, I thought.

  2. Yeah Liverpool One is pretty impressive. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m pretty impressed with it so far.

    Great shot! Love the video too, South Bank Show next?? ;)

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