The shortest day

The shortest day of the year which coincides with a lunar eclipse. I didn’t see the eclipse due to cloud cover but that provided a stunning sunrise instead. Its bitterly cold here with snow and ice everywhere, yet despite that I still saw a girl jogging on the promenade. I’m trying to train for a marathon but I decided it was too dangerous to go running. I didn’t notice any special grips on her shoes. Maybe she was very lucky as I wouldn’t go running on that.

In the distance you can see smoke rising on the left. I’m fairly sure that’s a steam cloud from Fiddlers Ferry power station. Its been there every day for the past few weeks.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

11 thoughts on “The shortest day”

  1. @petemc great photo of the power station. Definitely a grime cloud from Fiddlers Ferry (used to live near there!).

  2. I really like this Pete. I love the contrast between the bleak dark ice and the vivid sky. The contrasting buildings really contribute to the image as a whole too.

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