The Shanghai Palace

The Shanghai Palace

Tomorrow the Shanghai Palace is set to close after 30 years. Its not the nicest of building to look at but it is a kind of iconic figure. Its been there longer than I’ve drawn breath. It will soon be knocked down in the name of culture and redevelopment. I’m sure the new Pier Head will look fantastic but I can’t help think of the things we keep loosing to have a better Liverpool. We’ve now lost access to the Pier Head and I do feel thats too steep a price in Liverpool’s 800th Birthday Year.

Camera: Canon 30D // Focal Length: 24.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/200 // Aperture: f/8.0 // ISO equiv: 100 // Exposure Bias: -1.00 // Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8

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  1. I remember this place when it used to be a Berni Inn!! It will be very strange when it’s not there anymore :/

    Love the reflection of the Liver buildings in the windows 🙂

  2. sheila hancock Avatar
    sheila hancock

    I am wondering were Joe Farley opened his new restaurant?
    Anybody know?


  3. In answer to sheila’s question, Joe has oppened his resraunt in wigan with the same name and the very smart interior, great picture of the old shanghai palace