The old Royal Sun Alliance Building

The old Sun Alliance Building

This is the old Royal Sun Alliance building in Liverpool. I’m not sure if it still is their building or not. Its an odd building and reminds me of the MI5 building in James Bond films. This was taken from the other side to just an hour away from sunset. I liked the way the sunlight was bouncing off one building and onto the wall of another.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

5 thoughts on “The old Royal Sun Alliance Building”

  1. What a great perspective showing the monumental character of teh building. I like the image very much although i dislike one minimal thing: Imho, the little cloud accumulation in the middle detracts the eye from the clean composition. I would have photoshopped it away.

  2. It almost looks like the building will separate into blocks and rearrange itself, very alien.

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