The Minton Floor and inside St Georges Hall

These shots were all taken inside the Great Hall in St Georges Hall. Its stunning in there, it really is. Just as the outside is amazing so is the inside. The floor has around 30,000 tiles in total. The lighting wasn’t exactly great, well it was ok but not great. Most of the images turned out too warm at the top and too odd at the bottom. So the colours change slightly from image to image as I’ve tried to correct the white balance in each. It was made worse after running them through Photomatix. Still, I feel I got some acceptable results of something I might never see again. The floor is only open till Sunday and then it will be covered up again. Its well worth a visit.

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  1. laetitia Avatar

    I’ve been to England quite a few times but never to Liverpool. I’ve been meaning to visit, the reason mainly being as I love reading books by Catherine Cookson and now your photos has made me certain I want to be there someday, soon I hope.

  2. It looks like an amazing building – well captured! Why is the floor covered up for most of the time?

  3. Pete the first two are absolutly stunning! Nice work mate

  4. Adam – the floor is covered up most of the time precisely because it is so ornate. The outside has worn away over time where people have walked; the centre (when unveiled) looks like new still.

    I understand just what a nightmare that mixed lighting is! I took some pictures there myself this week, and have done so in the past when the floor was previously shown. Electric light mixed with daylight streaming in makes for a nightmare!

  5. That first one really rocks. This is an extremely good use of HDR – They are very high impact, yet truly believable. Colors seem OK to me by the way. Great work.

  6. How many exposure shots did you take for each picture in order to produce the indoor HDR effect. Can you do it with 3 or do you have to take more than that because it is indoors. Thanks.

  7. After visiting this building Im amazed at how well you took youre pictures