The Iron Men of Crosby

The Iron Men of Crosby

Over the years Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place” has turned into a bit of a cliche. Take his Ironmen, add sunset, bit of HDR and tada. I’ve done it. Most people on Flickr have. This photo hasn’t had HDR applied but its a bit of a cliche. How can I be sure? Well both Brian and Sam took almost the same photo as I did while we were there. There goes my unique take on it ;)


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

10 thoughts on “The Iron Men of Crosby”

  1. Lovely sky – I do think Brian’s is the best of the three though.

  2. Hi Pete,

    I’ve seen dozens of photos of the statues, but I didn’t think about them when I saw this (or the other two you’ve linked to either, which I’ve just viewed); it’s a very good photograph, simple as. Most of the people that have stood in the same place won’t have come up with anything as good – they’re the ones with the cliched photos of Another Place – not you.

    Cheers. Not dropped by here for a while and it’s looking good.

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