The new HDR book

So the big news is I’m working on a HDR book. Its a heavily revised edition of the previous. I’m working with Robert again and we’ll be producing all new photos for the book. Its being updated for Photomatix 4 too.

I feel like I’ve changed considerably since the first edition came out. I’m not really a fan of the current trend in HDR photography. That is the overly processed style, or throwing a single RAW at Photomatix in the hope it makes the world a better place. Personally I very rarely HDR from a single RAW.

I prefer to use the technology to help with situations where the light is out of my control. My Nikon 24-70 happily accepts an ND filter to help with darkening the sky, but my Nikon 14-24 doesn’t. I think there might be a filter holder for it at around £250 or so. Its easier to simply shoot a few bracketed photos and merge to HDR later.

For this book I’ll be showing people how to get HDR shots like the following;

I’m sure theres a marketplace out there for non-OTT, normally saturated photos without crazy random burnt spots or blown areas. I hope anyway 😉

By that I mean I won’t be showing you how to sacrifice a kitten in order to HDR from a single bitmap 😉 … or take photos like these (even though I used to)

If you’re a fan of my older style of HDR photography then by all means buy the current edition of the book and enjoy it. If not, wait for the 2nd edition. Also don’t forget to have a read of my HDR tutorial.

If you have any suggestions for content then please leave a comment below and I’ll think it over.