The Long Night

My first ‘Long Night’ in Liverpool. If you don’t know what one is, its quite simple. Museums, galleries and various other art initiatives around the city stay open late. Its more than just keeping the doors open though. When I was at the one in London earlier this year I was lucky enough to see Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee doing the Knight Rider theme tune in the National Portrait gallery while they had opera on another floor, stunning. Liverpool is no different. Candle light tours of crypts, ghost walks, dance, music in galleries and street entertainment.

To start with I saw some of the lightboxes outside the Bluecoat. These are part of DaDaFest.

I then went onto Church Street to see some of the Christmas performers. Unfortunately there was no big parade this year. A real shame, but a few performers made for some nice moments.

After this we headed to the Tate to see the Biennial exhibition there. Our timing coincided with the arrival of aPAtT and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s Ensemble 10/10. This was really great. Some lovely music by 10/10 downstairs in the Tate followed by aPAtT who had splintered off around the building. You would find one or two musicians by each exhibition.

All in all a great night out and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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