The last major day. We went for a wander to get some last minute shots.


We started at Union Station. Its rather big inside and has very cool architecture.





Its funny. I wanted it busier to show motion blurred people while Dave wanted it quieter to reduce the amount of motion blurred people.



The security people were telling us that we needed permission to take pictures due to security concerns and all that crap. I’m sure they don’t tell every passing tourist with a camera that.


HDR of Union Station.


This was 1 King West. Its a very narrow building.


Toronto has a lot of random art just sitting around. It makes everywhere look great.


We were right next to this truck at the crossing point. Thank god for uber wide angle :D


They had this random area of grass with fake cows on. They had a lot of these patches of grass but you couldn’t sit on them. A tad odd.



This is called the Skywalk. It goes from Union Station to the Rogers Center (Sky Dome) / CN Tower. Its not really air conditioned either.




The Rogers Center. Shame the roof was closed. They play baseball, football and hold various events here. A baseball ticket is as cheap as $2. A whole ¬£1 for a ticket and the seats ain’t bad.


Not so private private box.


The commentators box.


Its really quite hard to appreciate the size of this place, even when you’re in it.



Afterwards we were going to Fort York but it was closed when we got there. However, we found the Amsterdam Beer Company! I’ve never liked beer but this I like. Its a shame you can’t buy it in the UK. I found it affected me rather quickly but it had a really nice smooth taste and none of that nasty beer like after taste. I bought 6 bottles. They’re still at Dave’s because I just couldn’t fit any in my case and I never got around to drinking any in the 2 days we had left.


Sunset from the Toronto Island. I enhanced this shot quite a bit and I’m not sure if I went too far. I really wanted a great sunset shot and stupidly I was swapping lenses at the moment were I would have got the perfect shot.





HDR of the Toronto Skyline at dusk. Its annoying that I was still getting a tiny bit of flair even with my lens hood on.


Just amazing. The trip back on the boat with the city lit up like this is just amazing. I thought I would be scared being on a lake in the dark but you’re breath is taken away by the city and you just can’t help but stand there and soak it all in. Jack Johnson is perfect for these times.

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  1. I don’t comment much anywhere. Your photographs are unbelievable and breathtaking; truly something I could stare at forever, as if the eyes of angels. There is remarkable talent here. Good luck with your future endeavors. If you are ever in Chicago, I would like to shake your hands and pay for dinner.

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