The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is like walking off the bustling streets of Liverpool and into an old movie. There are old men reading broadsheets in wing back chairs and large libraries with very old books. It’s a different world in there. Architecturally its very nice. There’s an impressive staircase, a grand news room for simply reading papers and the library feels like something from an Indy movie. Speaking of the library, I met the librarian called Roper. He’s a fascinating guy who is hugely passionate about it and wants to work there till he’s at least 85.

This event was part of the Love Architecture Festival by RIBA. I’m off to Martins Bank today.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

4 thoughts on “The Athenaeum”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos. We’re (hopefully) getting married in the library, it’s such a stunning room and seems apt for a librarian to get married in. I would love to have a nosy at some of the books in the stacks!

  2. It also has the complete works of Nicholas Monsarrat who wrote the cruel sea (Jack Hawkins starred) the eliptical staircase is something else.
    My Grandad worked here too

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