Thatcher Funeral Party in Liverpool

When I arrived there was a decent sized crowd of people at St Georges Hall. Music playing, champagne and beer being drunk, and lots of cheering. There were people dressed as miners and one woman dressed as Thatcher. When she posed dead on the ground the crowd piled on for a photo. It was an interesting site as both old and young attended. Everyone had a camera phone out. After a while the people who bought the Thatcher on a stick effigy decided to head to the pub, taking their prop with them. The guy holding it said it cost him £50 and he wanted to return it to get his money back. However a crowd of about 200 people followed him shouting “Burn her!” I’m not sure how it happened exactly but minutes later people were trying to set it on fire. Using a makeshift flame thrower device they succeeded. After that things quietened down and most people went about their business.

Comment 01

  1. Most of this riffraff don’t look old enough to remember the Spice Girls never mind the First Lady of Girl Power. Just an excuse to cause the Police a problem.

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