Testing confidence on Bold Street

On Tuesday I will have my biggest shoot ever. Tuesday is Liverpool’s 800th birthday. It is going to be one hugely hectic day for many reasons. The main shoot of the day will be to take 100 portraits around the city. Some, hopefully, will be of friends. Most will be of random people on the street. We are working from 8am to 8pm. 8 photographers. 800 portraits. Liverpool’s 800th birthday. Now here’s were it gets hectic. By the next morning they should hopefully all be online. By the day after, Thursday, they will all be exhibited at the Albert Dock. 800 portraits taken, processed, printed, exhibited in 2 days. Everyone who I shoot gets an invite to the launch night. It is going to be insane! Now to add to the chaos it’s Liverpool’s 800th birthday so I will also want a piece of that action. Street parties, parades, and the biggest baddest fireworks display ever. The Pier Head and both cathedrals will be exploding with fireworks. That will be a shot to get. I’m even thinking of using 2 bodies, one strictly for the Pier Head and one wide angle for the landscape. Tuesday will be some day. We’ve got the Popcultured website online now where the galleries will be displayed. Go check it out and pray for us.

This photo was a test really. DRZ, Benneh and I went out to Bold Street in an attempt to build our confidence before Tuesday. I was fairly surprised at how easy I found it. I was able to direct people, chat to them, and hopefully make them feel at ease. Obviously it will be harder on the day. We can’t take 100 photos of attractive girls. It needs to be a large scale high octane documentary of Liverpool’s people. So it gets harder when you try to take photos of people who may not want it. Its easy on Bold Street because its like a magnet for the cool trendy people in the city. Funnily enough I always run into people I know there too.

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  1. Pete
    Good picture of a very beautiful lady only thing I have a problem with is haw you have cropped her hands leaving half of one and the other chopped at the joint.

  2. I love the expression on her face. Nice and sharp. Great angle. Have fun next Tuesday!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! 🙂

  4. Best of luck Pete, your skills make me sick, as ever 😉