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  • 2012 – The Return to Paris

    2012 – The Return to Paris

    2010 was my first trip to Paris where I fell in love with the architecture and simple food I enjoyed. 2011 was a flying visit on the way back from Valencia. In 2012 we took another flying visit on the start of a 3 week European tour as happy Europeans with our European passport that…

  • Liverpool Pride Portraits 2014

    Liverpool Pride Portraits 2014

    I honestly didn’t think I would have time to photograph anyone at this years Pride event. Luckily I noticed an empty couple of hours in my schedule and headed over. I’m so glad I found that time as I met some great people. My favourite has to be the above photo of Becca and Jessica,…

  • Brighton street portraiture

    Brighton street portraiture

    At the weekend I was down in Brighton taking street portraits as part of a workshop run by Luca J Sage. Aside from being cold as a very cold thing it was a great deal of fun. I felt that my best images were produced when I slowed own, used a tripod and properly connected…

  • Marie Dault

    Marie Dault

    While photographing the Postman for the Biennial the other week I heard the sound of an old super 8 camera in the background. I turned round to see a woman filming the event. I thought she was a member of the production team filming it in an “arty” way. It turns out she wasn’t. Marie…

  • Brighton street portraits

    Brighton street portraits

    The last time I was in Brighton I noticed that there was a lot of interesting people around that would be great for some portraits. So last time I was in the area took to the streets for some real portraits of the people of Brighton.

  • Egg run portraits

    Egg run portraits

    Every year the Egg Run sees thousands of bikers journey from New Brighton to Clatterbridge Hospital to raise money for children’s ward. Traditionally Easter Eggs were delivered but in recent years they’ve received over 3,000 eggs so they prefer donations. In 2008 they have raised over £25,000 for the kids and the run grows year…

  • Lark Lane Portraits

    Lark Lane Portraits

    A few portraits of strangers on Lark Lane.

  • Bold Street Portraits

    Bold Street Portraits

    A few street portraits I took during the Bold Street Festival this year.

  • Ogg


    I met Ogg photographing the cruise ship Arcadia. He was a passenger on board who had nipped out to get a photo. His choice of camera was a Leica Boots Special Edition. 

He said to me “You know Leica?” and I said “Yeah I’ve got one.” He then pulled out a Boots single use camera…

  • Andrew Hiscock

    Andrew Hiscock

    I met Andrew Hiscock in Newcastle outside the Cuban Cigar Club. We chatted about cigars, pipes, and where to buy a fine waistcoat. It never occured to me that the little pockets on a waistcoat were perfect for a set of matches. His preferred pipe tobacco is the fantastically named Peterson Connoisseur's Choice.