Princes Dock at dusk

I’m not a huge fan of night photography because theres no sky. However, dusk is great. Tonight is the peoples launch of 08, and I will be getting photos from a rather interesting position. You’ll have to wait and see. In other news the 2008 Photoblog Awards are off. These aren’t the Photobloggies, something else.

Liverpool Waterfront

In the past month I’ve been to Edinburgh twice, and to Swansea. I’ve seen the Lake District from the train too. Edinburgh is stunning. Great classic architecture, lots of hills, very lovely. As I was walking around I got a bit depressed that Liverpool didn’t have as nice architecture, but then was it just because

Ferry across the Mersey

The other day I realised I haven’t taken a really nice image of the iconic Mersey Ferry. We had some lovely weather the other day so off I popped. I used a polarizer for this and it really brought out the blues. Personally I think Liverpool looks great here. The Mersey looks blue, the Ferry