I ran today

The forecast for this morning was wind, rain and a temperature of about 3c. Still I put on my running gear and headed out. Turns out it was only windy and cold. No rain. Phew. Tomorrows forecast looks to be the same but with rain. Darn. There’s a ton of articles online about running is […]

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Every day running

A few weeks ago, well years ago, I set myself the challenge of running every day. I’m just about getting into that groove. The first week I did every other day. The second week I did every day but Monday as that was a swim recovery day. This week I’m doing every day except Sunday […]

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The Liverpool Marathon

I’ve only been running about 22 months. I went from 0km to 5km to 10km to a half marathon and now I’m training for a full marathon. I’ve lost 6 stone in weight doing this and found that I can do more than just take photographs. That doesn’t matter though. What matters is that I’ve […]

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