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“Digital has made architectural photography very slick – sometimes you don’t know if it’s a photo, or if it’s a rendering, and that I find very disturbing. …If you’ve spent five years to ten years making a building, you want to make sure that the photos are like a building and not like a rendering.” […]

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Solar Eclipse

Space, 1999. More precisely JMU Tower and I’m looking at people standing on rooftops like walkers have breached their primary defences. Except that I won’t know about walkers for another 14 years so why are they there? It’s 11th August. I’m a student at Liverpool John Moores University studying a BSc in Software Engineering. I’ve […]

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The 2015 Plan

I don’t have resolutions. I believe they’re just trendy ideas with no solid foundation. I’d rather not have a list of things I want to fail at. So I’ve got a list of things I’d like to do this year. Make more personal work. Try and start my gamer project. Exhibit in Look/15. 1 roll […]

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15 days in a gallery

Its been an interesting 2 weeks. Lots of highs and lows. The high points being the start and finish. The low points, weekdays. Weekdays were quiet. You get about 20 people per day. At weekends you get about 20 people per hour. I know next time to only do weekends as its more fun. The […]

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