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  • Sunsets in Zadar

    Sunsets in Zadar

    “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.” Alfred Hitchcock said that during his stay in Zadar in 1964. I don’t want to argue with Hitchcock but really? Maybe I’m spoilt living in Merseyside because we get some insanely great…

  • Bruges Architecture – Part 1

    Bruges Architecture – Part 1

    I really wasn’t expecting Bruges to be this interesting, architecturally speaking. I thought it would be nice but not this nice. It was like a mini-Amsterdam. Highly recommend a visit.

  • Portrait of Britain

    Portrait of Britain

    I am thrilled to announce that a portrait I made, as part of my year long documentary project about Port Sunlight, has been selected as one of the top 200 photos in the ‘Portrait of Britain’ competition. It will be included in the ‘Portrait of Britain’ book and there’s a chance it might be selected…

  • Liverpool Pride

    Liverpool Pride

    I think this was my favourite year. The sun was shining and the sheer number of people who joined in on the march was huge! Previously I would have said that the Pride march of 2015 was my favourite. There was torrential rain but the energy of the crowd was intoxicating. I think this year…

  • New York Diary Day 8 – Top of the Rock

    New York Diary Day 8 – Top of the Rock

    We were spoilt with our trip to Top of the Rock. Properly spoilt. We arrived before sunset and watched the sun go down over New York. In the distance we could see planes, ships, cars, bridges, and hills. I was surprised at how flat the entire area was.

  • New York Diary Day 8 – Part 1

    New York Diary Day 8 – Part 1

    The view above is what we woke up to every morning in Brooklyn. It was quiet a view. If you stuck your head out the window you could just about see the Manhattan Bridge too. Now I’m all for independent businesses over chains but this hotel had that view and waffles for breakfast from a…

  • New York Diary Day 7

    New York Diary Day 7

    A rainy day in NYC. We went for a wander to Soho and the Leica store where I bought a copy of the official Leica mag which featured an interview with Sarah Lee and her work in LA which was great. There was also an exhibition of work in Cuba that was stunning. After that…

  • New York Diary Day 6

    New York Diary Day 6

    We wake up to this incredible view from our hotel window. I told Hampton Hotel I was a photographer and they gave us a great view. It never failed to disappoint. Though I’m not sure what the buildings are in the photo, other than One World Trade Centre. We had a bit more of a…

  • Leica Update

    Leica Update

    I own 3 Leica cameras. I bought my first in 2010. A Leica M6 film camera with everything you need on it. It has a built in light meter, interchangeable lens system and shoots lovely lovely film. I bought it because it won’t age so in 30 years time I’ll still be learning from it…

  • New York Diary – Day 5

    New York Diary – Day 5

    Day 5 in NYC. Our first full day going to Manhattan from Brooklyn and our first go on the subway which is a never ending source of interesting people. Our day started at the Flatiron Building. It’s home to the Daily Bugle and basically just a cool looking building. I’ve wanted to see it for…