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  • Europe with a Fuji X100

    Europe with a Fuji X100

    3 weeks around Europe with a Fuji x100. In the famous words of Simon Pegg, skip to the end. Buy this camera.

  • New PC (Maybe)

    Doom 3 calls and I’m tempted by; Inspire 6.1 6700 – 4 X 8w Rms Satelites 1 X Centre 20w Rms 22w Rms Subwoofer Plus Wired Remote – £38.70 1x Crucial 512 DDR400 PC3200 CL=3 Memory Module – £52.56 AMD ATHLON XP2500+ 333MHZ FSB 512 L2 Cache Barton CPU – £42.01 Coolermaster round floppy cable…

  • Year1

    1 year ago I got my Canon A70. This is a slideshow of the results. I also have put up the images in my gallery. Also, this is the 500th post on my blog \o/