(Featured image: A blizzard over NYC, 2016.) I wrote a post the other day about my issues with Christmas. Basically my parents gave me magical Christmases and without them I’m finding it hard to see the season as the “most wonderful time of the year.” It’s just Monday to me. It was a bit of

Christmas Prints

It’s Christmas soon and it’ll be Christmas again next year so you’re either just in time to get a print now or be super prepared for 2016. Either way I’ve got a print sale on. I’ve made two galleries just with Christmas ideas for you to browse as I’ve got a lot of photos. For

Happy Christmas

Hello there. Well 2014 has been quite a year. I feel like I’ve been through a journey with blogging. I started the year with the idea of bringing Vanilla Days back. I did as Over the Water. I also had an idea of having another blog to write on. Half way through the year I had

Snowflake Trail in Liverpool

Jack Frost and a bunch of his spritely sprites turned on the Christmas lights in Liverpool last week. The event started with Jack leading his sprites to the tree where they stole his staff. He was able to use his magic to get it back, turned the lights on and made it snow. Afterwards there

Christmas shopping

A simple shot of people walking around Manchester Christmas market holding mugs of hot chocolate or mulled wine. The odd thing is the couple behind the mug holders. They appear to be doing a sort of ‘Invasion of the bodysnatchers’ style stance. I’m not sure whats going on there.

Haunting stare

Took a trip up to the Manchester Christmas Market on Sunday to see how they do things. Their market is far larger than Liverpool’s but at the same time far more crowded. They have bars setup in certain sections and that makes it impossible to get anywhere. The side streets are nicer to walk down