Ghost Ship in Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock

Commissioned as part of the Tall Ships festival, Ghost Ship is a rather beautiful and clever piece of art by Mihai Baba. You can’t see it unless you stand directly opposite it and when you do a ghostly vision of a ship floats in the dock. It’s very cool and reminds me of the computer […]

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Happy Christmas

Hello there. Well 2014 has been quite a year. I feel like I’ve been through a journey with blogging. I started the year with the idea of bringing Vanilla Days back. I did as Over the Water. I also had an idea of having another blog to write on. Half way through the year I had […]

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Dusk Light

I don’t know why but I keep taking this same photo year after year. Different lamps, different sunsets.

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Old, Ships

HMS Bounty at Albert Dock II

Its quite hard to get a ship to really “pop” out from the landscape here, at least thats how I felt. I didn’t want to use colour because the sky was grey and in colour grey is boring and dull. In black and white I felt the ship didn’t really jumped out from the buildings […]

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