Sunset over the Mersey

Sunset over the Mersey

I’m managing to stick to my walk to and from work routine. I’m really enjoying it too. Living on the Wirral meant that I would need a reason to visit Liverpool in the morning. I rarely did. But now I can just go out. I’m already here. Yesterday was foggy so I was able to pop out and shoot that. Sunrise will soon be at a time where I should be able to get it every day. Of course that begs the question of where the best spots to shoot a sunrise are, besides the obvious one of the Wirral. Its going to be interesting for sure.

I took this on my walk home. Would you believe that its a 5 shot hand held HDR at ISO6400? No, me neither. But it is! The D700 continues to amaze me.


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2 thoughts on “Sunset over the Mersey”

  1. Good image. But I don’t understand how you achieved a 5 hand held shot HDR with all of the wave movement.


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