Sunset from that night

Last night was great. The launch party for Shoot Liverpool was really fun. It was cool to see some familiar faces from other events around Liverpool. However it was bloody hard getting a shot of someone pointing at our photos because they were always next to really good photos. Pah! Still, with careful positioning we managed to get some photos. It was a really nice night and I can now add “exhibited at Open Eye” to my CV. I also liked seeing some of the Shoot Toronto photos there. They had shots from the lake front and from Dundas Square. Pretty cool. Afterwards we went to Crosby beach to find the Gorlmey Statues. I was trying to find a spot that didn’t require a hike and I did. Handy for future reference. The sky was amazing, but the sun was stuck behind clouds so there was no real light. I got this one shot. I only took this one shot because I was wearing my new pants and I didn’t fancy ruining them in the mud. Still, I know where it is now so I can revisit it. It’s a great spot as you can see Liverpool, all along the top of Wirral and all of North Wales. Lastly, if anyone speaks Italian, do you know what this article says?. The short story is that I took a photo of this sticker in Liverpool and its apparently this large viral marketing thing by a guy in Florence. Its been in all the papers there and I’m being called a famous BBC photographer. Funny old world.

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  1. Good work in catching the sunrays traveling through the clouds in this photo. This is a very untraditional way of shooting a sunset, the horizon not being straight and a very good silhouette in the foreground. I wish I was there to see this sight!

  2. isn’t the hottest but, you get the gist of the text:

    celebre adhesive that is incuriosendo the all have conquisato also the famous photographer of the BBC Pete Carr that the has inserted in its collection of images. While the brand that seems is legacy to Florence, is going around of the worlds and it is prepared to return with some novita. After the Ts-shirt gone to it steals from Gerard, all inserting in covered some of discs in vinile that recalled the Lp of years Seventy, this NATO them would have to arrive two new covered some that will remember the album of years Eighty. And while the mystery of the written one leads a discussion in the forum of argument on Internet, the two ideatori of the brand continue sfornare ideas.

  3. Another fantastic image!

  4. Wonder what NATO had to do with it… 😀

  5. Beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great colours and light Pete.

    Are you the Pete Carr from Talkphotography? I’m a memeber there but I haven’t posted in ages (username “Ribby”). Anyway, nice shot 🙂