Student fees protest in Liverpool

I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger protest since the Condi Rice protests in 2006. Loads of police, horses and police dogs.

The protest started at Liverpool University and headed down into town via the Adelphi. It was a very peaceful, vocal protest with a noticeably large police presence.

First time I’ve seen dogs out for a protest, lots of dog handlers around. I guess after the protest in London the police weren’t taking any chances.

At Lime Street they sat down and took control of the road for a few minutes before moving on.

Down Dale Street, around town and up Castle Street to the Town Hall where they were greeted by a line of police horses.

A speaker at the town hall spoke to the crowd who did another sit down protest. After the speech a flare was set off and the crowd headed to Church Street, against the will of the police.

They were stopped by Pret a Manger on the corner of Castle Street by another line of police horses but broke free via Liverpool One and made their way into town.

At this point there were no police guiding / directing them.

The crowd turned right onto Hanover Street, heading for the Conservatives office by Duke Street. Only one police officer was around to accompany them. The rest were getting into position.

Numerous police protecting Chocolate Cellar and the entrance to the offices above where the Conservatives were. The crowd were directed up Duke Street but yet again out maneuvered the police and headed back towards Liverpool One.

There wasn’t enough horses to control them around Liverpool One and the crowd stormed Chavasse Park.

Only to be greeted by police in Liverpool One who funneled them out and back onto Hanover Street.

The police contained them around the Conservative offices while the crowd threw eggs, fruit, and anything to hand at the windows.

Unfortunately Chocolate Cellar bore the brunt of the attack. There was no real damage outside of dirty windows and some litter. The crowd headed up Bold Street, did another sit in on Berry Street.

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  1. Blogged: Student fees protest in Liverpool… #liverpool #photography #livdemo

  2. I went on a lot of tuition fees protests in 97/98 as a student snapper/journo. Always enjoyable, and great subject matter. No violence ever flared up but plenty of action. ‘Education is a right, not a privilege’ was a popular shout in those days, rather than the slogan held by the guy on Lime Street. Well, that and the bizarre ‘F*** fees, not Cherie’.

  3. Cracking stuff, Pete. I’m glad you felt able to post these.

  4. I stood on the steps of St George’s Hall chanting ‘Education is a right not a privilege’ back in 1990, so was also a bit surprised by the Lime St guy’s slogan – really hope times and attitudes haven’t changed this much. These kids really need an affordable education to learn these things – and that eggs are for making chocolatey treats, not throwing at them!

    Great shots.

  5. great set pete. well worth the run around.

  6. I loved looking at your images. They told a story. I hope the issue is resolved soon.

  7. I was involved as a footsoldier, not an organiser, in the 1970 Liverpool university sit-in in the senate House and have been involved in marches and demonstrations ever since [Wapping, Miners Strike, anti poll tax and anti-Iraq invasion]I joined the 24th Nov march under the UCU banner, up to Georges Hall, had to go to my doctors, an hour later came back and followed the trail of march all round town, never did catch up but witnessed the massive police presence. Well done.