Street Performers Protest

Street Performer Protest

As part of Streets Ahead over the weekend they had performers in the windows of shops on Bold St by a group called Cacahuète. It was pretty cool to see and proved popular. The four you can see here were part of the slightly more expressive performances. I saw the guy on the right walking around Bold St in a loin cloth with a fake penis. He had just been visited by the police when I saw him. The girl on the right I saw in the lingerie store sitting in her underwear. She had been told to cover or up she wouldn’t be allowed to perform. I didn’t catch the other two performances. They had been told that some people have complained, and that they were being provocative. Apparently the Amy Winehouse styled performer had been asked to remove the cocaine looking substance. Sure write about it in the papers, tell the world about all her troubles but don’t actually put it right in front of people. I found it funny that its ok to have mannequins wearing sexy lingerie but not ok to have someone real model it. If she was in a bikini it would have been fine I’m sure. Pascal, who was the leader of the group, said that Liverpool was the “Capital of Censorship.” Bit of a shame to invite people to perform in the Capital of Culture and then censor them.

I’ve uploaded photos of the performances in question to Flickr so you can judge for yourselves. Probably the most controversial performer, which you’ll need a Flickr account to view and is NSFW. Same guy walking away. The lingerie model.

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  1. Great shot. Looks very slightly soft though, do you use anything to sharpen or go Natural?