Street Caricaturist in York

Street Caricaturist in York

I’ll admit that I was very lucky with this shot. While wondering around York with another photographer we both spotted this guy at the same time. While I switched from my 10-20 he took a shot of the guy working. I put my 24-70 on, for portraits, and went to take the shot. The guy looked right at me. Just perfect timing. I’m really happy with this shot. Its really handy hanging out with someone else as it helps you to relax and get some shots. I was a finding York to be very chaotic and hard to get some nice street shots, but this just worked.

Camera: Canon 30D // Flash Used: No // Focal Length: 70.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/125 // Aperture: f/2.8 // ISO equiv: 1600 // Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8

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  1. I love this shot, and I have looked at all of your images and can only be inspired by your superb perspectives and creativity, how cool it must have such enthusiasm to enable you to actively seek out such great images.

    simply fantastic

  2. Really lovely ! 🙂