Spotlight – II

Part 2 of 4 in the spotlight series. I’ve also posted a series of photos of the Louvre on my personal blog.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight – II”

  1. Hi Pete – I love your daily pictures as a rule, but I don’t love much of your street photography. Sorry. In particular, this series and the series on Bold Street. You asked for feedback when you were posting the Bold Street pics and my brother posted some along the same lines as this but it wasn’t displayed. However, I thought I’d try again. My favourite picture of yours ever was the one taken from the big wheel in Liverpool where all the shops and shoppers looked like tiny models. Also, some of your night time street shots in Liverpool have been amazing. But there’s something missing from this series, and the same from the Bold Street series. They just look drab and uninteresting. Other people may like them – that’s just my own personal opinion. Kind regards, Ingrid

    1. Hi Ingrid. Its always good to get constructive feedback. I wasn’t 100% happy with the Bold St shots but I wanted to try something new and get people’s feedback. Some people liked them, some didn’t. I much prefer these shots from Nantes though. Moments when everything lines up. Right place, right time. I think they’re a different style of photograph to what I normally do. I normally look for a moment, a story, but theres no real story here outside of the Henri Cartier-Bresson styled ‘decisive moment’.

      I’m glad that you like some of my photos anyway :)

  2. PS – I hope my comment prompts other people to say why they maybe do like these pictures, I’d be interested in hearing that – maybe it would give me a different angle from which to view them. Kind regards, Ingrid

  3. Hi there. Yes, I tend to look for a moment or a story in street pictures too. Perhaps every now and again I should view them in the same way I view landscapes? And yes – Adam is my brother. Perhaps he was a little direct.. he can be! Many thanks for the response. Kind regards, Ingrid

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