Some warehouses

Not an amazing shot today but one that I feel works. I wish the clouds had more drama to them but they came out a little flatter than expected. Kinda feeling stuck in a rut with photography at the moment. I think its because I’ve HDR’d half of Liverpool now and I’m feeling stuck. Where next, what next? How do I progress? I think I need to travel somewhere fresh. Having spent months doing urban landscapes I think the obvious answer would be to get out to the Lakes or Snowdonia. I might go through some old Scotland photos. I’ve still got to get my shots for RawLiver and next week is Shoot Liverpool, which I am really looking forward to. If there’s one thing that can help you with photography its being out with mates.

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  1. Dave MacLeod Avatar
    Dave MacLeod

    How about trying the stretch of coast from Neston round to Connah’s Quay? I’ve yet to see a top class picture of the Connah’s Quay Bridge and there are plenty of other interesting nooks and crannies to find on your way back to Liverpool (the cyclists on the Old Chester Rd on a Sunday morning, Ness Gardens, and the marshes at Little Neston immediately spring to mind).

  2. I do like today’s shot, but more importantly I don’t think you should get too down with regards to mainly shooting Liverpool, over the last few years you’ve been a real inspiration to me visually, both in film and photography. I suppose you do have a regional air about you, but I think that’s a great thing. Everyone seems London obsessed, so it’s really good to have a solid impression of Liverpool to look on. Here’s hoping Liverpool gives you a little more inspiration.

    Good enough for Lowry, good enough for you ;P.