Snowing by the tunnel

Apologies for not posting these past few days. I’ve been stuck in editing hell trying to tweak the HDR book. Its a tiring process that makes you feel like kids are beating you with pillows. Its gruelling stuff but has to be done. Anyways, to this photo. Its taken just above the Birkenhead tunnel. Theres so much snow its hard to see things but in the background you’ll be able to see the lights on the World Museum. St Georges Hall is just off to the right. You can just about see some cars too.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

15 thoughts on “Snowing by the tunnel”

  1. Fascinating.

    Pete, I would be curious to know some of the metadata if you’re at liberty to share. As in, capturing the snow in such a stop-motion state. Is it a combo of high-ISO and fast shutter or something?

  2. It looks a mess with no pint of focus. Looks like you have just posted something for the sake of posting.

  3. @YETi – But I haven’t because I have loads of photos to post. I posted because I wanted to post this photo to show off the insane blizzard we had here.

  4. More great, rich colour there – cracking.

    I think Yeti’s missing the point – snow in Liverpool does not happen like this often – once every few years. Its worth recording – I only wish I’d been out that night too.

  5. you have managed to create a fairytale scene. What this photo is missing is the appreciation from people who have to have everything by the book. It is a great mood shot.

  6. Great photo Pete…You’ve even managed to capture “Batman” keeping an eye on things!!

  7. @YETi – Yup and I have plenty more. This is a different view and the snow is more insane here than the others. You can barely see buildings you normally would. I don’t see how you can be confused. I went out and took photos in the snow and I post them on my site. This is another one.

  8. I wasn’t talkiing to you Pete I was talking to Peter now I think you are confused :P

    I understand how a blog works, no need to be pendantic, the reason I said I was confused was because Peter said

    “snow in Liverpool does not happen like this often – once every few years. Its worth recording”

    I have seen it countless times as a white mess on the screen, just trying to say it may be worth recording it in a different way rather than your postings I outlined above.

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