Snow falls on Church Street

Fake snow falls and while its just fairy liquid bubbles the people on the street enjoy it as it was real snow.

In other news I got a new camera. An upgrade to my Canon 30D. Its a Nikon D700. I’m one of them now. 24-70, 14-24 and 50mm f/1.8. Lovely setup. This was taken with the 50mm which produces some awesome bokeh.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

13 thoughts on “Snow falls on Church Street”

  1. Congrats on the new camera purchase! Even current steadfast Canon owners I know are rather enamored at the sound Nikon shutters make. :)

    Happy shooting!

  2. Great shot, although as a regular to your photoblog confused by the D700 purchase. I thought you had a 5DMkII on pre-order. And you have all those nice L lenses!
    As an amateur photographer such as myself should i be following the Nikon path?

  3. OMG – you have gone to the Dark Side – as pointed out what happened to the 5D11 – or where you made an offer you couldn’t refuse ?

  4. Great image, I love your Liverpool street photography!

    What’s with the D700? I also thought you were eagerly awaiting your new 5DMkII??

    BTW, thanks for a great talk at the BPS a couple of Tuesdays ago. Inspiring stuff; got the book on pre-order.

  5. this is a good one, lively, energetic, the fact that it’s b&w makes it even more interesting. winter can be fun too :)

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