This is the first time I’ve seen this room for myself. its amazing, and surprisingly small. The chandelier is amazing too. Annoyingly this room was open to the public while I was taking my shots so I couldn’t fully capture it. Also the chandelier is very bright and at this angle a lot of it is blown out. This is after a 7 exposure HDR. The other problem is that it moves just enough to blur. So even if I had all the detail it would be a mess due to motion.

Posted by:Pete

Photographer and part time Spider-man.

8 thoughts on “ Small concert room in St Georges Hall ”

  1. like you Peter never knew this excisted until just before Christmas where I attended a recital of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Boodles and Beetham ,sponsored it .This was an unique experience as I was blown away by the room and the delivery of thr recital.

    FAB picture you have really captured it

  2. Flippin heck, Pete, you are a magician behind the camera, brill mate, pretty brilliant.

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