Seaborn Pride in Liverpool

Not the biggest cruise ship that’s ever visited Liverpool but a good day to photograph her. I’ve tried to get this photo many times but the ships are usually too big. I couldn’t believe yesterdays weather. Standing on the terminal on such a sunny blue sky day looking out to Wirral. Hard to believe it was September. Hard to believe it was the UK.

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  1. Pete, this is lovely!
    I totally agree about it being hard to believe it was the UK, we have had some gorgeous weather too.
    Love the image (as usual)
    kate x
    ps: reminds me of spain a bit lol

  2. Wish I had ships floating through here in the middle of the US to photograph!

    The glass reflection here is awesome too… a lot of people don’t think of capturing such things when presented with it.

  3. as an avid amateur photographer, i have been following your work closely on this site and the the other Liverpool one.

    This is truly stunning, you really are talented.

    Keep up the good work


  4. very very nice shot man, i agree, most people would just walk on by an not even see this perspective. nice work.

  5. Very good shot. Most have been hard to balance the strong sun light with the shadow.

  6. Perfect angle for that strong light to strike the hull and reveal the textures . . .a feeling of great cleanliness about this. Must be all that while paint.

  7. Beautiful shot Pete. Love the reflection work in this, great perspective.

  8. Great shot, I have just started following this blog and your photos are outstanding. Keep clicking.

  9. Wow, saturated superness combined with awesome reflection-ness 😀 Great shot, and love your supersaturated photoblog 🙂 Congrats on the VFXY Weekly PicK.

  10. superbe reflexion !

  11. Awesome photo Pete, great job capturing the reflected image.

  12. Amazing shot Pete.

    The colours are amazing, I can’t believe how blue the river and sky are.

  13. Fantastic image! The reflection is super. Hard to believe you’ve had that weather in the UK.

  14. Fantastic reflection. Colors are so nice.