Sea Odyssey – Day 1

The giants are here! In Stanley Park a little giant girl and her dog Xolo could be found sleeping today. They awoke to a huge crowd of people and set off looking for their uncle, also a giant. It was simply amazing. When the girl woke up it was like a magic switch had been turned on and I spent the entire day, nearly 12 hours, continuously photographing pure magic. Xolo the dog is fantastic. He’s just like a real dog. His ears move, tail wags and likes to pee on bollards. The girl can really dance but I seriously loved the lilliputian’s moving the giant Uncle’s feet. The jump off the platform and swing on a rope to lift it. It’s just pure fun and magic. I’m going to be really sad on Sunday when its all over because I know this will never happen again here. Get into town and see this.

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  1. That was quick pete, guttered I couldn’t get down myself. I will beirut tomorrow that’s for sure, Amazing pictures pete

  2. Beautiful. I am awestruck. It must be even better on site.

  3. Fantastic photos Pete. I’m on the other side of the world, thank you for showing what I’m missing so beautifully.

  4. Brilliant photos of a brilliant event. You must be be pretty shattered after all that walking? I know I am!

  5. Great photo’s. The best I’ve seen yet!

  6. Stunning photos as ever Pete.

  7. julie tolcher Avatar
    julie tolcher

    Amazing pictures of May and her Uncle in Liverpool. Great photographic history, thanks for sharing

  8. Jude McLoughlin Avatar
    Jude McLoughlin

    That’s my son Cai 12th photo down. These are truly stunning photos. I envy your access. It was an endurance to photograph otherwise but I manage some beauties despite the jossling of thousands!