Rock and Roll

I’ve been getting a feel for street photography again these past few weeks. I put the 10mm on and off I go. You really have to get into peoples faces to shoot at 10mm. Events are good because everyone is usually there for a reason, to have a good time. I wandered round on Sunday during the Mathew St Festival grabbing shots. Some girls screamed and put their hands up over their faces, which is a hilarious reaction to a simple photo. Some just stood there. I tried some in your face shots and some from the hip style candids. Most of all I was trying to capture life on the streets. f/8, iso800-1600, near infinity focus and off I go. That way if I saw something I could just snap it without thinking. Of course you lose any depth of field, which isn’t a huge loss at 10mm anyway. I often found it was too wide though. People were getting lost in the scene. So I set it to around 18.75mm … ish. That would then equate to 30mm on full frame, which is a good setting for street. Captures enough of their surroundings without making them seem lost in it.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.