I’d just like to take a minute and announce my latest project, Rezz. Essentially its a virtual treasure hunt but in the real world. I’ll be taking street portraits around Liverpool, gps tagging them and leaving them for others to find. People wishing to interact with the project will need Gowalla running on their phone so they can find the portraits scattered around Liverpool.

There will also be an exhibition at the Bluecoat during Look11, 13th May to 14th June.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

3 thoughts on “Rezz”

  1. last year I had the chance to meet Liverpool for the first time is encantanda love her and I would return every year until I would go to live there if not for so many emotions that I cling to good ai…
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  2. Yes, a very cool idea. I am beginning to learn that no matter how fully I try to keep up with photographic technology, it is increasingly intertwined with other technologies of which I am, as yet, quite ignorant. Ah, the agony and the ecstasy of the 21st century! Thanks, though, I’ll catch up in time…

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