Reading the paper


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

10 thoughts on “Reading the paper”

  1. Love it, really simple yet so much to look at. Love the black and white conversion, great composition, the fact there is only the one person in the whole shot obviously really makes it.

    Great work Pete!

  2. Very nice Pete, excellent composition, and as always, perfectly converted to Black and White. I learn so much from you, its awesome.


  3. Amazing to think it’s the same place that’s usually swarming with people. A lovely impromptu shot, I bet he wished he had gloves though :D

  4. I like the b&w conversion and the general feeling of this shot. the guy’s probably waiting for someone…

  5. wow i love all your b&w conversions pete, here yet another stunner……… that you posing in your own image by any chance??

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