Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool at night

Just so you know I’ve got a few of these shots. I’ll get back to the aerial ones soon but as the light was a bit flat I’m going with the dusk/night time photos. I really wish it was here all week so I could bank all the photos I wanted. I had a selection of angles planned but the rain and overcast sky essentially reduced it to 2 key angles. The good thing is that you’ll get to see something different. I’m still riding a high from it. It was something else, some day and some view.

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9 thoughts on “ Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool at night ”

  1. Ok, this is pretty amazing. Looks like it was one of those truly awesome days that will live long in the memory.

  2. It’s not the first time I love one of your pictures. When I them I wish I could spend more time taking photos and doing HDR.

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