QE2 in Liverpool IV

The QE2 at sunset.

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  1. Thats some impressive clouds. must say I’m not loving the general red cast to the whole image much though.

  2. What extraordinary colors. A beautiful scene and your processing has made it look very much like a painting. Lovely image.

  3. I wasn’t sure if it worked or not really. Its a redish orange sunset filter just to enhance the sunset colours.

  4. Wow,that is a great colors treatment,a bit of too unnatural though.

  5. Hi Pete,
    Great set of QE2 photos,i’m not sure if I like the over powering sky in this one Pete, it sort of detracts from the main subject,the ship is so evocative it doesn’t need any post processing.Great though,keep it up,

  6. Not a wonderful sky, not a filter. Extraordinary colors it has though, all with an hour`s help from Photoshop, a wonderful tool, not such a wonderful result. It can make the most horrible picture great.

    I took the same picture, at the same time with an identical camera, un-retouched, gray sky some clouds but a great picture, the sun was just right but nothing phony in my results, no need.

  7. There’s nothing phony in mine. If I had I could have put my sunset filter on the lens there and then, but I didn’t. I did it in PS later. I used HDR to bring some more detail out of the image. I was in a rush that morning and needed a photo quickly for this site which is why I didn’t have time to stand back and properly look at the image. The general consensus is that I got this one wrong. However, I don’t agree that its phony. Its just light. Whether altered at the scene with filters, or in PS, its just the light the camera captured.

  8. DedicatedRR Avatar

    I actually…prefer this shot the the redone one. ^^; That’s just my preference, I like the bold clouds.