Power Plant

Power Plant in Calderstones Park. Strange, surreal, amazing. In some respects this installation reminded me of Babylon 5. “One moment of perfect beauty.” It was so simple. Smoke blowing past a light with strips hanging down. No sounds, just light.

In other news I’d like to ask people for a small favour. The Liverpool Art Prize 09 is now taking nominations. Its a quick and easy form to fill in, and if it’s not too much to ask I would appreciate a nomination or two. Just to clarify I live in Merseyside but I was born in Wales, so I’m a conquering invader but thats ok apparently. I’d appreciate the support tremendously but I think its more important that you nominate someone. Liverpool is filled with amazing artists and they all deserve to be nominated. 2008 has been an amazing year for artists here. The more nominations the more successful the Art Prize is and it helps raise the profile of artists in Liverpool. Not to mention that this will be a 2009 event, a time after the culture year and we need to remind people that art and culture is still around.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

6 thoughts on “Power Plant”

  1. Sounds like an awesome event, wish I could???ve seen it in person. Simple is powerful! Nice image!

  2. I have nominated you, good luck, you deserve to do well. I made this supporting statement: ‘The most consistant and excellent photogrpaher documenting liverpool and its people working today. Always a pleasure to see his work, never been disappoited with his images, an amazing acheivement to do on a dialy basis.’

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