Photograph today

I’m currently building a new portfolio website to show off the best of what I’ve done over the past 10 years. While searching for images I found the one above and it got me thinking. This is from my dad’s house after he died. All I have is this photo now. I have nothing in that photo except of course myself and I look like some ghostly figure passing through someones life. I’m not there anymore. I’m here now. His life isn’t accessible to me anymore. It’s an odd photo but I’m glad I have this. I’m glad that who I am as a photographer means I’m very aware about the fleeting nature of of our lives, that one day its all gone and it is important to both be in the now and to document it… If that is even possible? I certainly try.

I have a whole series of photos of my parents. A ‘series’. That’s an odd thing to consider that their lives are now personal work to me. Cataloged in Lightroom. Archived for an exhibition one day. Gosh that sounds so absurd. One day all my parents might be is a URL on my website. That doesn’t seem right. I should really gather everything together and produce a book for me. A complete family album.

Anyway. Just remember its important to photograph the bad as much as the good. It’ll be gone one day.

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