Peter and Antonia

I’m not 100% sure the composition on this works personally. I was slightly distracted by a guy screaming as the police took him away.

In other news, listen to BBC Radio Merseyside around 5:50pm tonight. I’ve just been interviewed for it about the exhibition, my work and the book. Lastly, as part of 39 Art Day this weekend I’m offering a free portrait shoot to one lucky person. Anyone who enters will get 10% off a portrait shoot so its worth entering just for that. To enter send me a message with your contact details in and your name could be pulled from a hat.

3 responses

  1. Not sure ’bout the composition. Its OK with the man but the girl… her position in the frame I mean. Maybe the focus accent could make it better… Not really sure…

  2. Personaly I think this shot lacks the punch of your usual portrait work, and the guy’s face is wee on the soft side like focusing on the gal.

  3. I agree with both comments above. I think what distracts me most is that everything seems to be sweeping away from the image. The girl is looking off to the right, the boy’s hair is sweeping off the right, even the shadows are moving your eyes to the right. That’s what is distracting the most to me. My eyes are pushed to the right too much.