Parking bay

Parking bay

There is now a new parking bay on Dale Street. We were sitting in the pub last night and heard this sound like a steam train pulling into a station. So being photographers we went out for a look and found this. Essentially its a flame on a stick and they burn away the yellow lines. Its like a giant eraser. Wave it over the yellow line and it just vanishes. Its very very loud and smokey, but quite an interesting thing to see.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

3 thoughts on “Parking bay”

  1. I wouldn’t have known what this was if you didn’t explain it, but the photograph still would have caught my eye. Now that I know what is happening, it makes me look at the photograph even longer.

    I can relate to being a nosy photographer, lol. Its funny how that works. I think the photograph is great, my best work is usually things that just pop into my head at the last moment or things I randomly come across.

  2. Quite an ironic image there Pete, the guy is removing lines but the sign on the truck suggests they’re putting them in.

    Nice capture all the same, love the gritty B&W

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