Oops sorry

This is a funny new project I’m working on. How many times are you out taking photos only to have some random person walk into the shot and stare at your camera? It happens all the time. So instead of getting annoyed now I’m going to frame up shots specifically to get this. The funny thing was that just after I came up with this idea everyone started waiting next to me till I took the shot. No-one walked into it. Typical eh. I think it’s an interesting way of doing street photography since they’re invading your privacy to some extent. They know you’re taking a picture and they walk into it. You have to wonder what they’re thinking at that point in time. Are they genuinely thinking “Ooops” or are they thinking “Yes, I’m on BBC1!”?

In other news the 30D is back from Fixation and is fully functional. They replaced the shutter and gave it a general service. Also, I was about to launch this new site I’ve been working on for a while but classically the server has died. Stay tuned…


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3 thoughts on “Oops sorry”

  1. LOL! You are absolutely correct, I have people walk in front of my shots all the time, I don’t know why they do it, maybe they think they will beat the shutter or something.
    I think your site is one of my most fovrite of all time, it’s inspired me to look at things more closely before pushing the button on my camera. Thanks

  2. Nice idea – What were you taking a picture of before they walked in front of you? It’s just that they are sharp and the buildings seem out of focus….am i barking up the wrong tree???

  3. Glad you like it Peter Marin.

    Col, I was trying to take nice pictures but everyone got in the way so I gave up. I set the camera to f/2.8 so I could focus on the person instead of the building, since the subject of the image was the person staring at the lens. I didn’t want to take photos that would have been great if someone hadn’t have walked in front of me. I wanted to take great photos of people deliberately walking in front of my camera and looking at me. Its my way of taking something that normally annoys me and turning into a positive.

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